Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Hans On Strike.. again! :)

Catch our interview on Innerview zine (yes, its a fanzine, not a blog :p) the zine cost RM3 only and for more infos, contact them here : INNERVIEW. not forgetting, there's a two review on blog by azreen (click here) and adhim (click here) 'bout our debut album. thanks guys! i would like to thanks to all that voted us on campur chart. alhamdulillah we're on the chart now, do keep voting us on campur chart (fly fm) and nokia iac (xfresh fm). yeah, both of our songs, "you" and "diary of love" now airplayed on those radios. thanks a lot guys! we love you! oh, dont forget to grab JUNK mag, there's a good review from aidil on our debut album. thanks aidil!

FLY-FM Campur Chart 07-Sept-08

Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 8:07pm
#10 The Times – Singapura Kuala Lumpur
#09 Slunk - Repeat Offender
#08 The Hans - You
#07 Bo - Once Again
#06 South Jordan - Fatal Flow
#05 Phlowtron - Phlowtron Jones
#04 Transient Vortex – Touch Me
#03 Prema Yin - Bleed
#02 Tempered Mental - Superstar
#01 Telebury - Stars Belong To Us

Artiste of The Week
Silent Scenery - Closing Chapter Of A Sappy Story

Asian Invasion
Apartment Khunpa – Is she you? (Thailand)

Listen to the show again : click here

*review by aidil (couple) on JUNK #24 sep 2008

"is ipoh planning a takeover?" - the answer is YES! more band in ipoh will come with their new album/ep this year. Muck(indierock) and Freelove(indierock) is on planning release their debut album this year, Bittersweet(britpop) and Couple(powerpop) will release their second album. Shizuka(indiepop) and The Hollows(powerpop) also planning to release their EP. watch out people, Ipoh Brigades will takeover the scene :)



teruskan melodi anda...!!

Elly Rocker said...

bro, thanks a a lot. kengkawan byk membantu. sayang kamu semua! :p