Monday, August 2, 2010

Space Gambus Experiment - hiatus utk ke Musytari.

Hasnul Saidon :
"SGE is the best epitome of how our society and environment have become so dense and noisy, that we can't hear any words of wisdom anymore. In this regards, SGE is being truthful in reflecting the situation that we are letting ourselves into.... Everything is a good reflection for everything. I am blessed to witness SGE, no matter what my 'short term' response may say about it. In the words of my Tok Syeh, everything is 'bagus, bagus, bagus'. Cayalah! to everyone in SGE and Sosound for pouring their soul out sincerely. That is far better than being a person who 'tipu diri sendiri' just to please others. Keep true to oneself, then each one of us can become a good reflection for others to learn from. Takbir!"


 japanese poet Katsuyuki Hattori collaborate with SGE (7 Ruang Kosong moment)

SoSound collaborate with SGE (last part noise blasting)

 dancer Zubin Mohamad collaborate with SGE (last part noise blasting)

 after the show. SGE one big family :) 
from left : wan (rupajiwa), munis, meor, haris (rupajiwa), mei berbulu, nini, andri, kamal (boss), pyan (abg soundman), zul dewangga, ellyrocker, aizat, zubin and hanim.
not in this picture : sam bentara and fasyali rebab

picture credit goes to : haan

SGE would like to say zillion thanks to : wanjobot (technical stage crew)  SoSound (noisemonsterevil)  RUPAJIWA + Kotaro Tanaka (visual art mixing extra avant-garde) Jumpa lagi di ruang angkasa dalam perkiraan ratusan cahaya. Terima Kasih Dunia.


zubin mohamad said...

Thank you Idiot Colour Papers!(interesting name!). Zubin Mohamad is Zulkifli bin Mohamad, performance artist - dance+text body, choreographer, curator, columnist(now for Malaysian Insider) and dance+theatre+visual scholar. Really glad to be part of that Noise, if our society is about making noise. But I like to be honest to my body, the noise is problematic, how do we deal with it, so we exist?

kamal sabran said...

SGE is on long deep meditation

Elly Rocker said...

zubin : thanks dr zul :p idiot colour papers nih tujukan khas pada *duit* antara lain kata duit yg bodoh. :p

big boss kamal : rehat minda rehat tenaga. tapi aku tau ko takleh nak rehat punya :p

Anonymous said...

aik ade gak wanjobot? apsai....~~ (malooo)