Friday, February 5, 2010

Placebo Live In Malaysia!!! (UPDATE!)

Break out the guyliner and teen angst! Placebo will be playing a show in Malaysia!

We hinted about this earlier in the week, but now we've got confirmation on this uber wicked concert. Placebo will be playing in Malaysia before heading to Singapore. Local support acts include DJs Hackeem Elektrischer, Twilight Actiongirl and singer Ikwal.

Here are the pertinent details:

When: 16 March, 8pm

Where: KL Live

Tickets: RM98 and RM158

Tickets available at all Axcess outlets, Rock Corner outlets, Music Valley outlets, Extreme outlets and on event day itself. When you purchase the tickets you are entitled to a FREE Placebo Live in KL T-shirt, while stocks last of course.

The concert is organised by Fat Boys.

info from : JUNK ONLINE




Valentina said...

where did you take that info?

Elly Rocker said...

click there for more info valentina :)

Abang Ben said...

Placebo ni macam Darkthrone atau Mayhem ke bro? Tak pernah teman mendengornye...

Elly Rocker said...

band britpop uk. dulu selalu sgt main cover lagu deme time jammed kt syj. haih.. mcm tak percaya je deme dtg! mmg minat sgt la.

Elly Rocker said...

anaz kompem suke la pasal die kan suke british punye popscene :)

fara[the]bugbuster said...

jom pegi!! ko dtg sini, kita pi beli tics kat alamanda... yuk!